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Coffee beans – English


About our coffee beans

After the first freshly roasted coffee, shopkeepers were able to drink coffee.
We want to convey the excitement of freshly roasted coffee, and we have roasted coffee beans after ordering from customers.
It will be baked in about 10 minutes. Please wait while relaxing at the cafe.

About order

  • We will roast beans after recieving the order.(Roasting time:About 10 minutes)
  • Please order by 100g.
  • Coffee beans will weigh 15% to 20% less after being roasted.
  • Beans can be ground with no extra charge.

Blended coffee

Coffee beans (Roasting lebel)¥/100g
Show-cho blend (Fullcity)Light bitterness of medium deep roast.480
French blend (French)Deep roasted for iced coffee.480
Ethiopia Mocha blend (Hi)Fruity and mild taste.580
Seasonal blend ( )The contents vary depending on the season.580

Single origin

Coffee beans (Roasting lebel)円/100g
Brazil Espresso lady (Hi)580
Columbia corona sundry (City)580
Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate (City)580
Indonesia Bali Arabica “Sinzan” (French)580
Indonesia Mandheling Ache Garuda (Fullcity)630
Kenya Ngurueri factory AA (City)680
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere natural (Medium)680
Dominica Princesa winny Nachural (Medium)680
Nicaragua Limoncillo Pacamara Natural (Hi)680
Costarica La Candelilla Fully washed (Medium)680
Guatemara La Azotea estate (City)680
East Timor Letefoho (Fullcity)630
Mexico El Triunfo decafe (City)630

※ All prices are tax included.