2020/01/17(Fri) 12:00 - 18:00
Coffee Sold and Served (Curry Not Served Today)

Cafe menu English


Set Menu

Choose any drink from below for your set meal
Blended coffee(hot,iced), Cafe au lait(hot,iced)、Milk coffee(hot,iced), Espresso, Cafe latte(hot/iced), Rooibos blend tea(hot/iced), Milk(hot/iced), Juice(Orange, Apple, Vegetable), Calpis(hot/iced)

Breakfast set

Breakfast (served with salad & drink / Open〜11:00)
Usaboku's Breakfast: Buttered toast setButterd toast set550
Usaboku's Breakfast: Cheese toast setCheese toast set600
Usaboku's Breakfast: Hotdog setHotdog set660

Lunch set

Lunch (served with salad & drink / 11:00〜)
Usaboku's Lunche: Usaboku's curry and rice setUsaboku`s original curry and rice set (Limited servings)990
Usaboku's Lunche: Gratin toast setGratin toast set820
Usaboku's Lunche: Chili cheese toast setChili cheese toast set820
Usaboku's Lunche: Hotdog setHotdog set770
Usaboku's Lunche: Cheese Hotdog setCheese hotdog set820

Cake set

Cake set(Drink & cake/13:00~)
seasonal chiffon cakeSeasonal chiffon cake930
gateauchocolateGateau chocolate
Cassic cheese cakeClassic cheese cake
Spiced carrot cakeSpiced carrot cake



Classic blend coffee
Showa-cho blend (hot)440
French blend iced coffee (iced)
Seasonal blendH 520
I 630
Ethiopia mocha blend
Cold brew iced coffee (Only in summer)630
Single origin
Brazil espresso lady (Hi)H 520
I 630
Columbia corona sundry (City)
Papua New Guinea Sigri estate AA (City)
Indonesia Bali arabica “Sinzan” (French)
Indonesia Mandheling Ache Garuda (Fullcity)
Kenya Ngurueri factory AA (City)
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe kochere Natural (Medium)
Dominica Princesa winny Natural (Medium)
Costa Rica La Candelilla Fully washed (Medium)
Nicaragua Limoncillo Pacamara Natural (Medium)
Guatemara La Azoeta estate (Medium)
East Timor Letefoho (Fullcity)
Mexico El Triunfo decafe (City)
Arranged coffee
Milk coffee – sweetened (hot/iced)490
Cafe au lait (hot/ice)490
Coffee with whipped cream (hot/iced)520
Iced coffee float (iced)550
Espresso based
EspressoSolo 440
Cafe latte (hot/iced)490
Americano (hot/iced)490
Hazelnut cafe latte (hot/iced)550
Caramel cafe latte (hot/iced)550
Cafe mocha (hot/iced)550
Espresso con panna550
Affogato al caffe600

Other Drinks

Usaboku’s original cider550
Cascara tea (hot)550
Rooibos tea – Rosehip blend (hot/iced)550
Mama lemon – Ginger lemonade (hot/iced)550
Melon soda float with vanilla ice cream (iced)660
Itarian cocoa (hot/iced)660
Usaboku’s fruit milk (iced)550
Chai – sweetened(hot/iced)490
Milk (hot/iced)440
Orange juice440
Apple juice440
Vegetable juice440
Hiyashi-ame (ginger flavored – hot/iced)440

Light meal

Buttered toast330
Cheese toast380
Honey toast380
Toast with whipped cream (with chocolate or caramel sauce)490
Gratin toast490
Chili cheese toast490
Hot dog440
Cheese hotdog490


seasonal chiffon cakeSeasonal chiffon cake580
gateauchocolateGateau chocolate
Cassic cheese cakeClassic cheese cake
Spiced carrot cakeSpiced carrot cake

Baked sweets (As a also souvenir)

Usaboku's Baked donutUsaboku’s Baked donut

Coffee or Maple vanilla 250

Usaboku's original biscuitsUsaboku’s original biscuits

Milk or Cocoa
1piece 60 / 8piece 300

Snow rabbit's tail - SnowballSnow rabbit’s tail – Snowball

6pieces 300

Usaboku' original coin chocolateUsaboku’s coin chocolate

1piece 90 / 5pieses 480 / 12pieces 970

※ All prices include tax. (from October 1, 2019)